About us

The Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) was formed in 2017 as an association of terrestrial television broadcasting operators with the goal of defending, supporting and promoting the common interests of commercial broadcasters in the Czech Republic. The founding members of the Association are the Nova, Prima and Óčko television networks.

The Association of Commercial Television:

  • Initiates the making of laws relevant for commercial television broadcasting and in this respect is a partner and a consultation hub in relation to government authorities.
  • Participates actively in setting up an operational self-regulatory or co-regulatory system in the key areas that influence television broadcasting on the territory of the Czech Republic and the European Union.
  • Actively oversees the observance of copyrights that apply to television broadcasters.
  • Educates, develops and cultivates the Czech television market through research and shared communication activities.
  • Defends and promotes the shared interests of its members in the fields of commercial television broadcasting, protection of personal data and self-regulation with regard to commercial messages.